Erika P Johnson







Erika Pochybova

Erika P Johnson

Lubbock, TX


© 2006-2015.. I am a self-taught artist... I am inspired by life in general, but mostly by nature. I like to portray characters, symbols, and natural phenomena that coexist in a world of peace, harmony, and mutual consolation. Recently, I decided to expand my interpretation of what I see into an abstract composition. Majority of my paintings are complex, detailed, colorful, and chaotic, but people can find recognizable images within them inspired by nature and everyday life. My abstract pieces remove easily identifiable images. In my work, I strive to reflect my belief that I have about life: that one is often presented with random opportunities that can be developed into rich and beautiful experiences. In other (simple) words, life is what I make of it. Wayne Breyner, in the Austin Chronicle Arts Review writes, “The artist captures creatures of the wild – a toucan, a green sea turtle, a jellyfish, each to a single board – in the midst of environments of Morrisian complexity, all rendered in such polychrome pointillism that it could make you weep for the colorblind.” So far, I have participated in shows in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New York, Beverly Hills, Minneapolis, Sacramento (CA), Alexandria, Nacogdoches, Galveston, Tulsa (OK) and Lubbock.


Blindfolded Abstract by Erika Pochybova


Deep Dive Abstract by Erika Pochybova


Blue Afternoon Abstract by Erika Pochybova


Two Roads Diverge In Yellow Woods Abstract by Erika Pochybova


Dichotomy Abstract by Erika Pochybova


Deep Blue Day by Erika Pochybova


A Dream Of You And Me by Erika Pochybova


Entering The Flying Mode Abstract by Erika Pochybova


untitled abstract by Erika Pochybova


Swept Inside by Erika Pochybova


Give Us The Wind by Erika Pochybova


Closing Thunder Abstract by Erika Pochybova


The Path Where She Passed by Erika Pochybova